Network Airline Services appointed Cargo GSA for Aigle Azur in most of the European Countries commencing in August 2016

It is 1946, in the aftermath of World War II, the liberation also included French and international airspace, which opened to private companies. Dozens of new companies were born, but few would last. Aigle Azur is part of that small circle. Among these pioneering companies, Aigle Azur was created by Sylvain Floirat, In April 1946, he signed the company's "birth certificate". Aigle Azur then positioned itself successfully in North Africa, handling the repatriation of French teachers from Tunisia during school holidays...

The company expanded its fleet thanks to the U.S. surplus and expanded its range of destinations, opening its first routes to Morocco and Lebanon, and even opening a subsidiary in Indochina during the emerging conflict. The company took off and dominated the French and Mediterranean skies...

In 2001, Aigle Azur was taken over by the GoFast Group, which specialises in logistics

Today, the French company has more than 70 years in the business, focusing on the Mediterranean and Africa. It 300 scheduled flights per week, Near 25 destinations from 6 French and moved more than 2 Million passengers in 2014. Aigle Azur has a modern, homogeneous fleet: Airbus from A319 and A320 families.

We believe that The Network Aviation group via its Network Airline Services GSA Branch will bring to Aigle Azur our knowhow of the Cargo Business”, Says Mr Florent TURLIER, NAS Group Business Development Manager. “The NAS Group has been a pioneer in its field and this may be why we better understand the “Philosophy” of Aigle Azur”. We both have many years of experiences in the Airline Business and we worked to preserve the original spirit of our companies by focusing on two key words: loyalties and trust”.

As per Yacine BOUSSEKSOU, Aigle Azur Cargo Department Manager: “Network Airline Services has a proven track record of creating higher sales and services standard and we are confident that NAS will optimise our potential by using their international Network”.